Thursday, September 3, 2009

JupiterJack(JunoJack) Review: Can The Jupiter Jack Save Your Life?

Jupiter Jack is a mobile phone accessory that directs voice calls through the car radio system, turning it into a hands-free device. Study after study have proven that driving while holding a cell phone when driving can be very distracting and causes a huge increase in severe accidents. In many states, speaking on the cell phone while driving is forbidden by law, so anybody who wants to use their phone while driving needs to buy a hands-free kit. The problem with such kits is that good ones are expensive and the cheaper kits don’t provide a good sound quality.

Jupiter Jack is better because it offers a pretty clear audio and because it’s completely wireless and it can be installed in less than one minute. There is some static, and it depends on your car radio system and how high you have to set the volume button. Moreover, Jupiter Jack is a better alternative to Bluetooth sets that need to be attached to the ear, or to handsfree ear buds that may disturb the driver. Besides, it feels better to hear the conversation in the car speakers. Because of it’s small size and because it works with any mobile phone that has a 1/8” jack, It’s very convenient. However, for some cell phone models, a separate adapter may be necessary to plug the gadget in. All the device needs to start working is to get plugged into the phone, then the car radio needs to be preset on the 99.3 FM. Then, the integrated microphone and FM modulator do their job in directing the phone conversation through the car speakers. Easy to use, light, compact and portable, Jupiter Jack is ideal for drivers who want to freely use their mobile phone while driving.

The Jupiter Jack is not a high-tech blue tooth device. So don’t expect the voice quality to be what you would get from a $200 dollar electronic device. If you have ever used a device to play your ipod through your radio you should know what to expect. One of the biggest problems when playing an ipod through the radio is finding a station that has absolutely nothing broadcasting on it. The same problem applies to the Jupiter Jack. This was a big complaint of users when the product first came out as the device was only able to work on one station. Reports from the Jupiter Jack people now say that you can customize the radio frequency. For all you Iphone users out there the Jupiter Jack will work with your hip phone. There are some negative Jupiter Jack reviews out there because people do not read the fine print about shipping. If you order this product online make sure you pay attention to the details.

Customer service is what can make a product super successful or bing the product and the company to it’s knees. Some As Seen On TV products have notorious bad customer service and you will know it by the multitude of posts on the Internet complaining about the product. This does not seem to be the case with Jupiter Jack. We really liked the fact that a customer service number was found easily on their website.

Worst case scenario, you are unsatisfied with the Jupiter Jack. What next? Well, the company does offer a no questions asked return policy and will return your money in full. If you do return the product be prepared to lose the money you spent on shipping.

Jupiter Jack is available at the price of $19.99 plus shipping, which makes it cheaper than all hands-free car kits that do the same thing. For an additional shipping and handling fee of $6.99, you can get a free bonus: a cell phone dashboard mount. With more and more studies coming out linking serious car accidents to cell phone usage, hands free devices such as the Jupiter Jack are a really good idea. In many states, it’s becoming law.

Update: If you decide to buy the Jupiter Jack off the companies website you can get a buy one get one free deal.


  1. Can someone who has an i phone (3G) tell me if they have used this sucessfully? if so what adapter did you use?

  2. All I' m concerned about if I use this will people be able to hear my conversations ?

  3. This is such a rip-off!!!! I plugged it into my Verizon LG Envy and, not only did the product not work, when I removed it from my phone my phone no longer worked. I could not speak on the phone without a headphone. I could not hear or be heard and took it into Verizon who could not fix it. This piece of crap is worthless and cost me alot of money in getting my phone replaced.
    Customer service was a joke I got some foreigner who did not understand anything that I was saying and told me that there were no managers available at that time. I will call back later but be warned...DO NOT BUY THIS WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK!

  4. Got mine today and it works great. I live in a big city (Vancouver BC). I think people aren't following intstructions. You need to push the jack firmly into your cellphone and keep the unit away from your radio. No static unless under lots of high tension wires. Clear as a bell. Even my husband was impressed and he was a huge doubter.

  5. Works like a charm. Everything I'd hoped for - and more.

  6. If you have a custom stereo system in your car I suggest that you DON'T buy the Jupiter Jack. It interferes with the amp in your car. The call quality is absolutely unbearable. I wish the Jupiter Jack inventors would have done a little more research on a variety of car systems. Not just stock car stereo systems. What sucks is, I bought 2 of them. It was a BOGO offer I saw on a commercial. So, now I have 4 altogether. I had to give all of them away. Oh well, lesson learned.