Sunday, September 13, 2009

Does The Magic Jack Really Work Like Magic?

Magic Jack is the newest voice-over-IP telephone solution that allows people to make free local and long distance phone calls within the US and Canada, as well as from abroad to any location in these countries. Perhaps you’ve seen one of the late night infomercials or heard about it from a friend. The device has become an over night success with estimates of 10,000 units a day being sold. What makes the MagicJack so successful is the insanely low price. For an upfront cost of $40 dollars with a year of free calling included it’s almost a no brainer. Setup is easy enough for my Grandmother to do which is saying a lot. International calls are available, but for a per minute rate which differs from country to country. You can find a list of the international rates at their website here. I should point out that if you take MagicJack to another country and call the US then you do not have to pay international rates.

Obviously price is what is driving the huge popularity of this product. As with many As Seen On Tv products some people seem to think there is a Magic Jack Scam. People just don’t understand how it is possible to make as many calls as you want for only twenty dollars per year. Another great part about the Magic Jack compared to other VoIP (Voice Over IP) is that is super easy to set up. Step 1. Plug in the Magic Jack into your computers USB port. The device automatically installs the software on your computer. Do you have a Mac? Don’t worry! It works on both Windows and Mac. Step 2. Plug your ordinary phone into the MJ and you are ready to make unlimited phone calls from your pc phone. If for some reason you find that the device does not meet your needs and you want to uninstall the software then you might run into problems. There is actually a website forum dedicated to helping people remove the software as it can be a little tricky.

Still Interested? Let’s Continue the Magic Jack Review

When you purchase an MJ from their website you get your very own phone number that you gave give out to people to call you. Many people have asked for the ability to be able to port over their existing phone numbers to the MJ. Dan Dan Borislow, the owner and creator of the device has said that the company has been working on this feature but seems like it might be an empty promise as it’s been quite some time and still the porting feature has let to be released. When I first heard of this I was sure there were hidden costs but the more I looked into it the more I found the claims to be true. You truly can make unlimited local and long distance calls from with in the US. Not only do you get all the talk time you want but you also get the high end features that the big telecom companies offer. This means you get caller ID, Voicemail, Call waiting, call forwarding, and three way calls. This is where I would guess that Magic Jack device would tack on fees. Nope! They are all FREE! I was a little curious how the voice mail would actually work. All incoming voice messages are stored and the user will be able to listen to them as soon as he gets connected again. Voicemail can also be accessed via email, as the user gets notified by email each time a new message arrives, the voice message being attached to the respective notification as a .wav file.When using Magic Jack with an ordinary phone, calls are made as usual, by dialing the number. If for some reason, the user chooses to have a headset instead of a regular phone, the Magic Jack will need to be operated from the software dashboard on the computer screen. Some users that reported to have issues found a simple fix by replacing their old standard phone with a new phone, which seemed to fix the proms they were having. Another possible drawback is for the Magic Jack to work you must have your computer turned on and the software running in order to be able to make or receive calls. Some people perceive this as a drawback, but if one would calculate how much money is saved on phone bills by using the Magic Jack, then this is a small price to pay. For this reason, it is not recommend that you use the MJ as your only communication device. Magic Jack needs a high-speed Internet connection to work properly. This means you must have a DSL, Cable or some other form of high speed Internet. For people living in areas with frequent power interruptions or with poor Internet connectivity, Magic Jack may not be the ideal choice as the main household phone. The 911 emergency services are available, but only with the computer turned on and connected to the internet and with the Magic Jack application running.

One of the biggest complaints out there for the Magic Jack Phone is that the customer service is very poor. I like that the company does give a support number on their website which is easy to find. Nothing I hate more then having to do an exhaustive search on the Internet just to find the support number. While customer service might have been a big issue at one time it seems like the company was worked hard to improve on this weakness. Dan Borislow, the owner admitted that the over night success of MJ left them understaffed in a big way but had made the necessary changes to handle the massive popularity of this product.

For customers willing to try the Magic Jack before buying it, there’s a 30 day free trial. It’s really risk free if you want to give this innovative device a try. One small drawback to this offer is that the 30 days begins on the day you order your MagicJack and not when you receive the device so you actually have less than thirty days to give it a try.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

JupiterJack(JunoJack) Review: Can The Jupiter Jack Save Your Life?

Jupiter Jack is a mobile phone accessory that directs voice calls through the car radio system, turning it into a hands-free device. Study after study have proven that driving while holding a cell phone when driving can be very distracting and causes a huge increase in severe accidents. In many states, speaking on the cell phone while driving is forbidden by law, so anybody who wants to use their phone while driving needs to buy a hands-free kit. The problem with such kits is that good ones are expensive and the cheaper kits don’t provide a good sound quality.

Jupiter Jack is better because it offers a pretty clear audio and because it’s completely wireless and it can be installed in less than one minute. There is some static, and it depends on your car radio system and how high you have to set the volume button. Moreover, Jupiter Jack is a better alternative to Bluetooth sets that need to be attached to the ear, or to handsfree ear buds that may disturb the driver. Besides, it feels better to hear the conversation in the car speakers. Because of it’s small size and because it works with any mobile phone that has a 1/8” jack, It’s very convenient. However, for some cell phone models, a separate adapter may be necessary to plug the gadget in. All the device needs to start working is to get plugged into the phone, then the car radio needs to be preset on the 99.3 FM. Then, the integrated microphone and FM modulator do their job in directing the phone conversation through the car speakers. Easy to use, light, compact and portable, Jupiter Jack is ideal for drivers who want to freely use their mobile phone while driving.

The Jupiter Jack is not a high-tech blue tooth device. So don’t expect the voice quality to be what you would get from a $200 dollar electronic device. If you have ever used a device to play your ipod through your radio you should know what to expect. One of the biggest problems when playing an ipod through the radio is finding a station that has absolutely nothing broadcasting on it. The same problem applies to the Jupiter Jack. This was a big complaint of users when the product first came out as the device was only able to work on one station. Reports from the Jupiter Jack people now say that you can customize the radio frequency. For all you Iphone users out there the Jupiter Jack will work with your hip phone. There are some negative Jupiter Jack reviews out there because people do not read the fine print about shipping. If you order this product online make sure you pay attention to the details.

Customer service is what can make a product super successful or bing the product and the company to it’s knees. Some As Seen On TV products have notorious bad customer service and you will know it by the multitude of posts on the Internet complaining about the product. This does not seem to be the case with Jupiter Jack. We really liked the fact that a customer service number was found easily on their website.

Worst case scenario, you are unsatisfied with the Jupiter Jack. What next? Well, the company does offer a no questions asked return policy and will return your money in full. If you do return the product be prepared to lose the money you spent on shipping.

Jupiter Jack is available at the price of $19.99 plus shipping, which makes it cheaper than all hands-free car kits that do the same thing. For an additional shipping and handling fee of $6.99, you can get a free bonus: a cell phone dashboard mount. With more and more studies coming out linking serious car accidents to cell phone usage, hands free devices such as the Jupiter Jack are a really good idea. In many states, it’s becoming law.

Update: If you decide to buy the Jupiter Jack off the companies website you can get a buy one get one free deal.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Magic Jack VS Skype

The launch of Magic Jack, the extremely affordable VoIP telephone gadget, is perceived by many as a threat to existing VoIP telephone networks such as Skype or Vonage. If it’s really a threat or not, only time will tell. For the time being, both Magic Jack and Skype have their advantages and their drawbacks, therefore consumer opinions differ according to the importance various features has for each of them.

In terms of equipment needed and setup difficulty, Magic Jack Reviews make it sound easy. Just insert the USB stick into your computer and the rest takes care of it's self. It doesn’t need any CD or software download to make it work, as everything is included inside the gadget and the application installs itself immediately after plugging it into the USB port.

Skype is a free application which everybody with a computer and an internet connection can download and install. At the basic level, logged-in Skype users can call each other for free regardless the countries they are in when they make the call. In this variant, Skype works with a headset and a microphone or speakers, while Magic Jack can use either an ordinary phone or a headset and microphone set up. For using Skype like a telephone landline, users have to buy a special Skype phone and a phone number.
Both MagicJack and Skype need to have the computer switched on and the software running in order to be able to make or receive calls.

When it comes to features and benefits, again it depends on each consumer’s priorities. While with the paid version of Skype one can send and receive SMS text messages, Magic Jack doesn’t offer this service. On the other hand, Magic Jack can be used with any ordinary phone, while for Skype users have to purchase either a special Skype phone or an adapter for making it work with their regular phone. Both providers offer conference calling facilities, but while Magic Jack supports only three users, on Skype the maximum number of people in a conference call is nine.

In terms of costs, Magic Jack is $40 for the first year, sum that includes the gadget itself and the software, and $20 per each following year. Calls inside US and Canada are free. Outgoing international calls are charged per minute, but the fees are quite low for many countries. For instance, calls to landlines in Buenos Aires, Argentina are charged $0.033 per minute. The complete list of countries and rates is freely available on the Ymaxcorp website. Skype has several subscription plans, therefore prices may vary depending on particular situations. Domestic calls inside the U.S. cost $0.021 per minute. International calls are cheaper on Skype than on Magic Jack in some cases and more expensive in others. This is why a fair comparison isn’t always possible. However, for users who want to call mainly inside the US and Canada, Magic Jack is cheaper than Skype.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Do People Scream Magic Jack Scam?

Is Magic Jack A Scam?

There are so many innovative and revolutionary products which turn out to be scams these days, that people started to develop the perception that if something seems too good to be true, probably it’s just another scam. One of the latest inventions that generated a lot of waves in the specialty media is Magic Jack, the small VoIP gizmo which can turn a computer into a phone, allowing the owner to make free calls inside the US and Canada.

At $40 for the device and for one year of free calls, many people bought the Magic Jack, hoping to save a lot of money on their phone bills. Although there were many satisfied customers, as always, there were lots of voices who claimed Magic Jack was nothing else but a scam, a worthless device, and that they have returned it in order to get their money back. A simple search on the internet reveals so many contradictory opinions that one would have a hard time in deciding whether or not to buy the Magic Jack. Nonetheless, the latest promotional offer from Magic Jack is a 30 days free trial period, so everybody can see how well this service works for them. There were complaints that the Magic Jack software slows down the computer up to making it useless for any other application needed to run in parallel with Magic Jack. However, those persons never communicated their computers specifications in their comments or reviews published on the internet. This is why the free trial is more than welcome for all potential customers who fear it may be a scam.

Some other persons claimed the free customer service couldn’t be contacted, no matter how hard they had tried. That’s possible, but this is happening with lots of well-established telephony companies as well. Besides, Magic Jack is still new, and its huge success could have been generating some staff shortage on short term.

Others were unhappy that Magic Jack doesn’t work with their computer shut down. Since on the Magic Jack website it’s clearly mentioned that only voicemail and call forwarding will work if the computer is shut down or disconnected, this doesn’t make it a scam. A scam is a product or service which doesn’t live up to their initial promise made to potential customers before their purchase. Therefore, before calling Magic Jack a scam, try to evaluate if they really broke their promises or you’re suffering from a common troubleshooting issue that can be easily fixed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is the Magic Jack?

Magic Jack is a small product that is able to plug into the USB port of your personal computer. Any phone line can then be attached and connected to the Magic Jack. This enables all of your domestic calls to be free in addition to all your prepaid international calls being available to you for just 2 cents a minute. If you decide to purchase the Magic Jack via the number shown in the infomercial this neat gadget will cost you $39.99. The low price includes the gadget itself and your own personal phone number that you can keep for life. This in itself is a a great deal as phone numbers are constantly changing along with service providers at this day and age. Magic Jack System requirements for Apple/Mac, Windows, and Vista platforms are included with the product. You will need a high speed Internet connection to operate Magic Jack. Magic Jack can be ordered on a free trial basis which means your credit card will not be billed unless you decide to keep the product.

After purchasing the Magic Jack Voip Phone, your first year of phone service is offered at no charge. The second year of service after that is obtainable at $19.99; which is only due to be paid if and when you make the decision to keep the Magic Jack permanently. Magic Jack provides award-winning, excellent customer service with its product which will allow you to enjoy your Magic Jack to the fullest. The excellent customer service will be available to you the moment you plug your Magic Jack into your USB port allowing you to be free to make crystal clear calls instantly. It is also a good thing to know that if you come across any problems during the set-up with the Magic Jack there are many different trouble shooting fixes that are provided to you making the installation process smooth and fast.

Once you are set up and ready to begin using Magic Jack you will notice that calls are crystal clear to both you and the person you are talking to. This creates an optimal talking experience for everyone. Gone are the days of having to speak up or moving around your room for better reception; you are doing all of this from the comfort of your own PC! One of the most revolutionary things about Magic Jack is that if you miss a call with the product Magic Jack will instantly send you personalized emails to let you know that there are voice mails present in your box and will provide you with number from which the sender called. Another plus to the Magic Jack is that the product works very well with both digital and analog phone systems; offering the quality of calling that comes very close to matching (if not beating) the quality of land-line phone systems.

When you decide to order the Magic Jack phone system it is recommended by us that you order it online. Double check the lowest price available and inquire about the free trial, you will not be disappointed. If you end up calling Magic Jack to order the product by phone make sure you listen very carefully to all instructions given, especially during the shipping quotes on the order hotline.

It is important to know that the makers of Magic Jack recommend that their product is not the only way you have available to you should you have to call emergency services or 911. There is a possibility that power outages, storm interferences or general blackouts/loss of battery can hurt your computers' performance. You should have another way to make these emergency phone calls just in case your computer is functioning properly.

We are sure that many of you have probably tired a type of PC calling program in the past. While many good quality products are out there it is important to remember that the Magic Jack is not hugely popular by chance. The Magic Jack is a revolutionary product and the customer service is first class.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MagicJack Pros Vs Magic Jack Cons...See Who Wins...

The Pros and Cons of Magic Jack

Magic Jack is the tiny VoIP device that offers free internet phone calls to US and Canada, from everywhere in the world. The interest it raised in easy to understand, taking into consideration the rates of long distance calls. However, like any other gadget, Magic Jacks has its advantages and its drawbacks. We are going to take a closer look at some of them, then each of you would be able to decide whether or not Magic Jack is the best solution for their specific case.

Magic Jack Advantages
Small device: the USB device that needs to be attached to the computer is of the size of a matchbox.

Easy installation: after plugging Magic Jack in the USB port, it automatically uploads the software, without needing an installation CD.

Convenience: Magic Jack works with any regular landline phone unit, even with cordless ones. When traveling, it’s possible to replace the phone with a headset which is lighter so you won’t have to carry additional weight.
Good quality sound: the hearing experience is as good as in case of regular phone lines.

Very low price: the device and the first year of subscription cost a bit under $40. Starting with the second year, the cost drops to almost $20 per year. All calls to numbers in Canada or US initiated from the Magic Jack user are free, even if the user and his device are in Mexico, China or wherever else in the world.
Free 30 days trial: this advantage is probably a temporary one, so in case you’re interested, go ahead and try it without paying anything.

Magic Jack Drawbacks
It works only with the computer turned on, connected to the internet and with the software running. In case of older computers, this can slow down other work done simultaneously. For people living in neighborhoods where the power supply has frequent outages, this can be a major drawback, especially if they intend to purchase Magic Jack as the main phone in the household.

When calling 911, you’ll be asked to provide your physical address, as it can’t be automatically detected like in the case of landline phones.
The USB device is a bit bulky and it may obstruct other ports nearby the allocated USB port. This is not so important, as the Magic Jack is delivered with a USB extension cord which can be used in order to avoid this issue.

Magic Jack is new. It’s probably going to be improved, so these lists may change with time.