Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Do People Scream Magic Jack Scam?

Is Magic Jack A Scam?

There are so many innovative and revolutionary products which turn out to be scams these days, that people started to develop the perception that if something seems too good to be true, probably it’s just another scam. One of the latest inventions that generated a lot of waves in the specialty media is Magic Jack, the small VoIP gizmo which can turn a computer into a phone, allowing the owner to make free calls inside the US and Canada.

At $40 for the device and for one year of free calls, many people bought the Magic Jack, hoping to save a lot of money on their phone bills. Although there were many satisfied customers, as always, there were lots of voices who claimed Magic Jack was nothing else but a scam, a worthless device, and that they have returned it in order to get their money back. A simple search on the internet reveals so many contradictory opinions that one would have a hard time in deciding whether or not to buy the Magic Jack. Nonetheless, the latest promotional offer from Magic Jack is a 30 days free trial period, so everybody can see how well this service works for them. There were complaints that the Magic Jack software slows down the computer up to making it useless for any other application needed to run in parallel with Magic Jack. However, those persons never communicated their computers specifications in their comments or reviews published on the internet. This is why the free trial is more than welcome for all potential customers who fear it may be a scam.

Some other persons claimed the free customer service couldn’t be contacted, no matter how hard they had tried. That’s possible, but this is happening with lots of well-established telephony companies as well. Besides, Magic Jack is still new, and its huge success could have been generating some staff shortage on short term.

Others were unhappy that Magic Jack doesn’t work with their computer shut down. Since on the Magic Jack website it’s clearly mentioned that only voicemail and call forwarding will work if the computer is shut down or disconnected, this doesn’t make it a scam. A scam is a product or service which doesn’t live up to their initial promise made to potential customers before their purchase. Therefore, before calling Magic Jack a scam, try to evaluate if they really broke their promises or you’re suffering from a common troubleshooting issue that can be easily fixed.


  1. I can't say that I've had problems with my magic jack as far as being able to use it. I have had it over a year. I paid the $19.95, first year and the additional 19.95 for the second year. Then, before the first year was up, they were advertising for a 4 year, $57, or so, fee. I thought this was cool, but I still had, in my mind, about a year left. And, Boom! Magic Jack voluntarily billed me for the 4 year package. (I don't have that card open any more, so they havent' been able to bill me for a new package.)LOL Well, now they say that I have run out of my 2nd year and need to buy a new program. So my question is, what happened to my 3 or 4 years left that was paid for? My next complaint is that I only make 1 or 2 calls a month to my mom. But, I do call, at least once a week, to my teleclasses. That's the whole reason I got magic jack, so I wouldn't have to listen to the class on my cell phone. And, just like everyone else-- I have yet to discover any way to get in contact with MJ-- I can't even find a ticket' place to enter a problem or complaint. Sounds like I'm going to have to dredge up the cc statement and find the phone number associated with my '4 year plan!'. Now we know that is going to make me very happy! Think I'll write the U.S. Attorney General's office-- maybe they can create a Magic Jack Customer Bail-out package for us. Thanks you guys. Hang in there.

  2. Here's another aspect of the scam - if you buy the MagicJack anywhere but off the website; say, at BestBuy, and buy the extended year package, you will NOT get your money back, EVEN if you return it within the first 30 days and get your money back for the item itself! They will only refund customers who buy the MagicJack off the site. When you contact customer service, they say it's because they're not responsible for the resellers. But you're not buying the extended plan from the resellers! The truth is, if you buy it anywhere but the website itself, you are a second-class customer, and not entitled to the same treatment as a website customer, though you're paying just as much for the same product, same service. They simply don't stand behind their product in the same way, and use the reseller line as an excuse. There should be no difference, since the MagicJack comes packaged, and you have to go online to set it up and purchase the additional services, just like any other customer. This all besides the fact that this was the second time I had given them a shot, and I still couldn't get the blasted thing to work - different computers, different phones, different internet hookups - didn't matter. I say it's crap - period; public beware.

  3. Have had the magic jack for over a year now. At first it was not consistant, not every call was clear and some calls were lost like cell phone calls. When I upgraded yhe speed on my DSL, and built a new computer with a faster processor, the magic jack performed as well as a land line.
    I think that the quality of the calls must depend on your system.

  4. MagicJack has started blocking calls to some GoToMeeting phone numbers (like 712-338-7131). When you dial these blocked numbers, you get a message stating that MagicJack cannot connect to this number and then they tell you in the message that you should dial another number - which happens to be the new MagicJack conference service! I have no problem with them offering a new conference service, but it means I can't use my MagicJack phone to connect to my friends conference calls that are on GoToMeeting. What other numbers will MagicJack decide to block because of competition or simply because they can? Big Brother time!

  5. I bought two magicjacks. One worked fine, the other stopped working after few months (I gave as a gift to my brother overseas, and he seldom use it). I thought that the annual fee was over since I couldn't see when the plan would expire, so paid it for one more year and it still wasn't working. Finally when my brother sent it back to me, I called customer service and finally after almost two hours they admited that it was the magicjack devise problem. Kyle said that she would mail me another one and it's been a month and I got nothing. I wasted money on this. Unfortunately, I couldn't use it even though I even prepaid for it.

  6. I have had my Magic Jack for 2 months now and have had very inconsistant performance. I am not trying to blame it all on MJ, however...the one thing that I failed to check is whether or not the keypad is saying "ready to call"... I missed a couple of important phone calls and that really upset me. After a satisfactory customer service IM I feel more confident again; but still a little leary about this being my 'one phone'...I live on Social Security and do not need the added expense...but yet I feel I need to invest in it...which is really discouraging to me. I've wondered whether or not I need to get my desk top cleaned up. BUT the good thing is...when it it "USUALLY" does...I like being able to make long distance phone calls for 'free'. I wish everyone good luck.

  7. Is it possible to dial a number from the phone itself OR only from the computer. I seem to be able to only dial from the computer. Am I hocked up incorrectly??

  8. MJ works pretty well internationally. My wife's sister has one in South America and they chat free every day. The only complaint is that it tends to cut out after about 5 minutes of speaking...they just redial when this happens.


  9. I have had 7 chat sessions with MagicJack support reps. During these we installed updates, installed restart software, deleted tigetjet drivers, deleted tigerjet devices, reformated the MagicJack drive, installed the software again. All through this I kept pleading to have someone call me so we could discuss the issues over the phone. BUT OF COURSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO TALK ON THE PHONE. Well to bat for them. Several levels of support reps. that I delt with could not find the problem but I did and since I can not TALK TO THEM, I can not give them the solution to the problem....

  10. well, i was considering purchasing a magic jack...changed my mind after reading all the reviews.

  11. Me too.... you know what they say... if it is too good to be true.....

  12. I think that not being able to speak to a customer service rep by phone is one of the worst draw backs. I do not feel that my REAL questions are covered by their Q & A knowledgte center. I still have inconsistant still will have to invest in a cell phone for emergencies... This may be an easy expense for some...but not for me living on SS...oh well...I'm glad for when it DOES work. The worst part of know that I have NO IDEA when it will work...or not...this is nerve wracking.

  13. I agree...was about to buy 2 myself...I'll just wait until after 7pm to make my calls on the cell!

  14. yeah me too , I was just going to run down and get one from CVS , I looked up the reviews on it and I changed my mind. ....

    So the customer service is modeled after Gateway
    If you don't buy from the factory, your less of a customer.... I own two :) and they've been good computers.
    Maybe my luck with MJ might be the same....

    crap! I hate games of chance

    no , No I'll wait

  15. On black Friday, today, I bought a MagicJack. Seems to work fine, the only problems were from my own ignorance. Stop carping and enjoy the cheap calls. You get what you pay for, period. I can put up with a few drops, etc.

  16. 1 apply to try magic jack over a year now but i never get it i dont know why my daughter in barbadoes uses it and seems to be working fine what happen the computor need to be procteced from virous and some times it change the program of the computor. appear some computor can handle magic jack. i got a 2009 i like to see how it handle the magic jack unfortunately i do not have one,paul

  17. My magic jack works well on my xp computer and I have it plugged directly into the motherboard because they recommend using a powered usb hub and I dont have one. Anyways, it periodically will just shut off after 15 minutes or sometimes hours. I have the computer set to always on, hibernate disabled, sceen savers disabled. So not sure what the deal is. Otherwise it works well for confrence calls and as a spare # to give out for ads when selling stuff etc.

  18. Magic Jack is a miserable scam. It is NO WONDER that Qwest and Comcast...and all the cell phone companies haven't put up a fuss. There was no need to... all they needed to do was wait for people who bought into it (like I did) to fail.
    A poor product, poor service, and literally, no where to turn but the robots on the chat line that of our no use whatsoever. This senior will be taking the money I saved for Christmas and buy a cell phone. I intend to do my best to start an Email campaign again Majic Jack. Please, especially, do not let gullible seniors fall for this. NO body deserves this, however.

  19. I have used Magic Jack off and on for almost a year now. I have used it at my house, as well as at both of my children’s house with no major issues. I was leery as well at first that it might be a scam. So I got mine at Radio Shack where they offered a full refund within 30 days if not satisfied.
    Took it home and plugged it in, worked the first time, so I can’t speak to the customer service aspect.
    You get phone service, free long distance to US and Canada, Voice Mail, caller ID and probably a few others I missed, for about $1.65 a month. ($19.95 a year)
    This is really a pretty decent product for the price. Yes, you can get dropped, but I have also been on long distance conference calls lasting an hour or more for my work and no one ever suspected I was not on a regular telephone and I never got dropped.
    I hook up the base unit of my cordless phone to it, and then I can use it anywhere in the house.
    I can not tell the difference from the Magic Jack and my regular phone. When I pick up the phone it has a dial tone just like a phone line, I dial directly from the phone itself, rings the same, etc…
    You do need DSL and the computer on all the time to use it.
    I would suggest keeping your land line phone for emergencies though as if you loose power, comp crashes, DSL quits etc… you loose the Magic Jack.
    Suggestion: If you are going to get one be sure you have a half way “decent” computer and at least a 1.2 MB DSL / cable connection or better.

  20. Why bother with a product that requires you to keep your computer on all the time, and has terrible customer service. I have VOIP phone service from Peopleline (in Vancouver, Canada) that includes call display, call waiting etc. The $99 Cdn. per year it costs is significantly more than MJ, but still an amazing deal compared to what I used to pay for home phone service. I don't have to keep my computer on for it to work, they have great customer service, and the price hasn't risen in the 3 years I've had it. After reading this I'm sticking with what I've got, and recommend people look for a solid, local VOIP provider for in their home phone service.

  21. I have been usen MJ for the last few months with no problems i think it kicks ass allready paid for its self over an over again with long distance calls from canada to the US. i would recomend a cell phone for emergencies.. but for everyone claiming its a scam, i have yet to see how.
    i would recomend it. if you make alot of long distance calls it will save you a wack of $$$$$

  22. One guy above says that Magic Jack requires DSL, but then he says you need "at least a 1.2 MB DSL / cable connection or better". That implies that Cable will work with Magic Jack. Does it or doesn't it?

    Do you need a Magic Jack unit at each phone you want to use, and do you need a computer there also? Does that computer need to be Hard-Wired or can a Wireless system (Modem & Router) work for a computer?


  23. I Duddits! I love majic Jack!

  24. I've had the Magic Jack for about 6 months now and no, it hasn't been perfect - but what else in life is? Speaking from my own experience, it has worked well and given the cost of the device, it has more than paid for itself. This device works over ANY hi-speed internet connection, be it cable, DSL or WiFi. Judging by some of the comments I've read here, people need to do a little bit of research and maybe brush up on their computer skills. It's not going to work on a Win 9x box so if that's what you have, get a newer computer. You don't need the latest whiz-bang machine - a single processor witha couple gig of RAM on a Win XP box works fine. This isn't rocket science, folks!

  25. If you don't know enough about the technology you are trying to use or you are trying to use it with a crappy computer and network connection it is not going to work for you and you deserve to pay $40 a month. I have been using Magik Jack for a while and it is well worth it if you are capable of using it to its full potential.

  26. had a problem connecting. hate that I can't talk to anyone, however, the tech assistant stayed connected for longer than 9 min and guided me through the process. works well.

  27. Do the math on what it costs to keep that computer running all the time - say $0.13 per kwh for electricity, a computer that pulls 100W, then running 24/7 costs $116/year.

  28. I am thinking of getting this,if it works good, then good for me,if it doesn't well I have wasted money on things before as I am sure most people have.In order for any computer related software to work correctly, you need the memory and cpu power for it.If you have a computer that's over say 4 yrs old and haven't updated any hardware don't expect good performance.As far as leaving the computer on all the time so it works, MJ has voicemail, if your not home turn off the computer duh!So is MJ a scam? I don't think so,it either works with the computer and internet connection you or it don't. If you have a strong enough computer and fast enough internet,then you shouldn't have any problems. If you have a subpar computer and internet, don't buy it.

  29. I tried Majic Jack in April of 2008. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't-usually didn't. I sent it back, and, after upgrading our internet service, a couple of weeks ago I ordered another one. At first it worked perfectly--dialing, redialing, and connecting were super-fast, and calls came out very clear. Now it seems to be "skipping"-like an old LP record, although I can usually make out what is being said. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I have Skype also, and it is working fine, so I might send back MJ and get a one-year subscription from Skype for $60. It sounds like a lot compared to Magic Jack, but where else can you get free long distance-including video-for $5 per month? I know-Magic Jack is $1.66 per month-but it doesn't always work for me. I haven't tried customer service yet.

  30. For those who complain about dropped and/or sketchy calls, try using a quality router (<$100)and set up your QoS and VPP (quality of service and voice packet prioritization). If you buy a router from Cisco/Linksys or DLink, etc., their customer service centers certainly do have the horsepower available to help you get rolling.
    If you take a piece of voice-centric gear and just think it's going to be plug and play, you risk having a potentially negative experience. Manufacturers are trying to make this stuff as easy as possible but there are some basics that should be understood first about how all of this gear works in concert.
    Do just a little homework, folks. Even if that means a short visit to so you can get a grasp on where we are at in the wonderful world of technology.
    Good luck to all!


  31. I purchased a magic jack today to use with a 3 set of cordless phones. I hooked up one and it sounded all fizzy kind of like you were under water. I changed phones and I sounded like I was on land again, but... the phone sounded laggy (did a test with me and another person where we could hear each other and it lagged big time). Also, if there was a pause in the conversation for more than 1/2 a second, you'd think you lost the call (trust me, you'd know what I was talking about if you experienced it).
    I will take it back first thing in the morning and NOT get a new one.

  32. thanks for all the insite. i was just about to embark on the 30 day free trial. i'm so glad i didn't. who needs the hastle. keep up the good work. thanks

  33. total piece of junk.... worked for 2 weeks, then quit, 2 hours of typing in a chat window with customer service with no resolution... During the 2 weeks it worked there were many dropped calls... It was a total waste of money, don't bother with it... Skype works perfect with no problems

  34. i have three mj and work fine this is secend your i have is still work even if they charge me more i don't care i save lot money .....

  35. I have been using MJ for about 13 months with very little hassle. I have run it on a $120.00 refurbished Dell computer from Microcenter running XP SP2 with 2G ram - no problem. I have also used the same MJ on a MacBook with 4G ram running Leopard - no problem. My network connection is Qwest DSL 7mb down - 896K up. There is a 120 minute time limit on calls. It will hangup without warning! For 19.95 a year it is a steal. I have honestly had NO problems.. Just my .02...........

  36. The question is ~~~ can you afford to pay more than $1.60 per month for long distance calls, those calls often being important enough that you want clarity and not to have the call dropped?

    I'm going with skype. And will keep my regular land line for day to day clarity.

    I just finished talking to a friend who bought this crap and our call was dropped TWICE and he couldnt hear me and had to hang up a THIRD time.

    We both have super fast connections and higher end computers.

    I think this service is a joke. I'd rather not even talk to someone i can't hear.

  37. by the way---- a warning



  38. When I signed up for MJ in early 2008, I was told that I could have my lineline # transferred to magic jack, but that I had to wait because it was not yet available. 8 Months later, I called and asked them about it, and they told me they were 'working on it', and that it would be available 'sometime in 2009', which has turned out to be false.

    The pre-purchase information on their website clearly stated that this feature would be available, but to date it has not materialized.

    I believe that fits your definition of a scam, wouldn't you agree?

  39. Dedee says...dwdwilliams has it right,
    in MagicJack-Ultimate Review.
    We live in an impatient world.
    I have always gotten through to MJ.CustomerService.
    I do feel however that they are not well trained on the tech.side.
    MJ has been worth it for me.
    Calling Europe @ $1.50 an hour is worth it at the averaged $13.-- a year for the fee.
    If you take your time and set it up right, it works. If you want to get calls while your PC is off, route the calls to your cellphone, that way you can get them even when you are on the road, as I do. While all other prizes are up, this device cut my communication cost way down.
    Thank you Magic Jack.

  40. dedee says: There are a lot of complainers commenting here. They should consider that MagicJack problems arise from one's own PC, depending on having the right
    version as specified by MJ.-- and the cable itself.
    If you have Roadrunner light + Windows XP, an MJ. connection might stall or stop altogether during a conversation. So call back... considering how inexpensive it is to call Canada + Europe, that is not much trouble.
    I simply warn the caller..and explain it might happen + I will redial at once. If I have the occassional bad connection, I redial also, + usually then have a good connection.
    Instead of running down Magic Jack (MJ) please analize
    your own PC and cable connection, and keep your receipts, so you can substantiate monetary mistakes MJ might make.
    Please everyone, quit running down MJ. and realize that doing so, will hurt those of us who like having it,
    If MJ. goes bankrupt due to your negativity influencing potential new customers from getting a good deal, we all loose our years of fees already paid.
    Like with everything now-a-days, follow up your
    ordering sequence and keep your receipts filed chronologically, so you can complain intellegently to MJ.if you actually have a complaint.
    Even MJ. provides jobs,and Jobs we need in this economy.

  41. So, what about the people who didn't order one at all yet the company won't address it? Magic Jack acknowledges that someone else opened up an account, shipped it to another address and ordered phone minutes to be used under a different account, yet they won't issue a refund. In fact, they haven't even sent the email they claimed would be sent to me in 48 hours. They would not cancel the product in route, instead they encouraged me to check and see if the product was delivered to this address myself. Yes, I am serious. Finally, they gave me the tracking number and I called the postmaster myself. If these aren't huge signs of a Magic Jack scam, then I don't know what else to call it.

  42. Matthew, are you running Windows ME with 128K of ram? I was skeptic as others, I had 2 land line, 1 was dedicated to faxes (by the way MJ will fax, but it's a manual process) fax is not supported, so if it doesn't work for You, It's not a scam!

    I dropped my main landline, now I'm saving $360 per year. By monitor is set to hibernate after 15 min, my hard drive never. I'm using a new HP with a quad processor 8 GB memory. There has never been a problem, never any lag and I can launch any programs that I want. It seem most issues are caused by buying PC's at the greatest discount with minimal memory. If you have issues, I would suggest checking the amount of memory, and then upgrading to the max for your PC, or upgrade to a more powerful PC. When was the last time you de-fragmented your hard drive? Emptied your Recycle Bin

  43. Thanks to all who took time to write about Magic Jack. I was seriously considering getting rid of my home phone and using the MJ. You all saved me money, and more importantly, grief and stress. Are you listening Magic Jack?!?!?!?

  44. It's too bad so many people can be so petty about minor things when in fact your problems with this item is most likely due to your computer settings, wiring or even service speed and modem. Very rarely would it be a faulty device, if so simply POLITELY ask them to Replace it. I see too many people going haywire when they contact MJ, now why would anyone in their right mind want to help a RUDE person? Have anyone stopped to think how much it cost to Provide us with this INGENIOUS PRODUCT? So why would they ADD to that cost in having to get employees for questions that are merely Troubleshooting aspects? I don't blame them, I have it and I have the in between speed for cable internet. Sometimes my MJ don't work because when I inserted it, the download didn't go through so I simply re-insert it until it uploads. I also have the volume settings on my phone and comp adjusted so I really don't have problems with it other than that popup but I deal with popups all the time "So what"! I get all of my messages with no problems. I THINK THAT @ $1.66 PER MONTH for a PRODUCT that I CAN take WHERE-EVER I GO, IT'S good ENOUGH for ME TO BARE with such MINOR Details. STOP WHINING and GIVE them the COURTESY OF DEALING with THEM BACK n FORTH UNTIL the PROBLEM is FIXED...Don't you wait on all of them other "GIANTS" who are taking your money left and right in UNKNOWN fees and HIDDEN Costs? Be glad Magic Jack exists, they are Saving us Low income users from the added cost..."PATIENCE is a GREAT VIRTUE, TRY using a BIT OF IT and YOU'LL be FINE" THIS PRODUCT is WORTH over ONE HUNDRED times IT'S COST be Thankful,

  45. Using MJ for a little under a month now and no problem whatsoever!

  46. I have not ordered a Mj as yet, but from reading all of these reviews, I can come to a few factual conclusions.
    1. Let's say Mj was sucessful in it's persuites. Thers's going to be alot of pissed off CEO's that will stop at nothing to keep there jobs. Including technologically disabling the problem, if you know what I'm saying.
    2. It appears that when purchasing it may be a good idea to get it from the source.
    Majic Jack through time will have to become a mecca for security and software diagnosis of each unit to prevent tampering by outside influences.
    I can go on all day with this, but I'm sure you all no what I mean. I may take a shot at it and see what I can come up with.

  47. FCC can help with problems with getting your magicjack working and it’s FREE
    you can also call your state because magicjack has to be licensed in each and
    ever state that it has service. The other thing your can do is go to WWW.YMAX.COM
    and send emails to:
    Media Contacts:
    Kari Hernandez
    INK Public Relations
    and try to get help even if she has not been of help to me as yet you may get

  48. I'm running MJ on a 2.4gHz Dell with 1gB RAM & Charter Broadband. I'm in my 2nd year with MagicJack and voice quality, etc. is fine. My computer is on for 8 to 10 hours a day. When it's off, MJ accepts voice mail (you get to record VM msg, too!), & I get email notices next time I turn the comp. on. I consider my cell & land lines as back-up now. Saving beaucoup bucks on long distance. All-in-all I'm one happy camper.

  49. Note to Magic Jack Ultimate Review:

    You should have the Comments appear in descending date/time order.

  50. I tried MJ when it first came on the market several years ago. Bad experience. Now, with a new fast PC in GOOD HEALTH and cable with super speed (Download test upwards of 90Mbps) the audio is superb. Better than my static ridden copper Verizon lines. PC runs 24/7 without a hitch, electric bill is fine. Sorry, I don't have a thing to complain about. I think most of the unhappy folks may find their systems can't provide the speed MJ really needs.

  51. Tried Magic Jack and even with a Dual Core 2.4ghz, 4GB of Ram, T1 internet connection and a regular cordless phone I could not get this piece of junk to work for more than 5 minutes. Waste of time, avoid this scam! They only want your money. If something is too good to be true, you can bet your ass it is.

  52. I haven't received my Magic Jack yet as I just ordered it 2 days ago. I've been charged $229.00 for double the package and 2-5 year plans which I've tried to cxl. The Website will not let me Cxl or modify my order.


    Thanks for your help!

  53. fact--QVC offered MJ as a special value one day--all the information was given like any other special value--
    fact--no longer available- even at a higher price (like other special values)
    fact--i called QVC and the customer said it was no longer available
    fact--if it is hat good, they would have it as an everyday item
    --need i say more--also i am happy with their products--

  54. I've used magic jack for nearly two years now and it has worked beautifully for me in Miami, Florida and in Sao Paulo, Brazil. If your upload is below 128kbps then it will not work. I highly recommend it. I also found the chatline very helpful when I needed some help rebooting it after I didn't use it for several months and it wouldn't load properly.

  55. Fact:

    This thing works as advertised.

    Maybe a Fact:

    A story in 2600 magazine ( the quarterly hacker journal) claims all call information is sent to Google for data mining.

    I suspect this is true however I never use this thing for any purpose that would cause me a problem so I let them have my info as $15.99 a year is pretty cheap phone long distance for one year.

    Remember as ALWAYS,,if something seems too good to be true there is always a catch !! If you are too stupid to know this then all technology will be a problem for you.

  56. Magic jack has benefits you can get one and use it internationally and your relatives/friends can always call you at a local number. You can also send one to family overseas and call them at a local number. Sorry but I don't see a scam there.

  57. I ordered my MJ and at the time of ordering it after I gave my address and everything I paid extra for the 3 day delivery of $3.95. 6 days later I still didn't have it .. so I contacted customer service and found that this service is not available in Canada. I also found out that your credit card is billed 30 days from date of PURCHASE. So if you ordered it on the 30th May and it arrives on the 14th June and thinking you have 30 days to try it out before you get billed, think again. If you want to return it before your card is billed then you have to return it before the 30th of June. But if you get billed then it can take up to two months before you get a refund. Make sure you get a RML number before you ship it back.

  58. I got it today. Works very well and it is super cheap..I have no idea why people complain so much...I am glad I didn't pay attention to the reviews. I love my magicjack!!!

  59. Magic Jack works. You need a fast computer and a fast internent connection. Also yopu need a little common sense before you go and complain.

  60. i bought a magik jack and thier customer service is a joke they put you in a never ending loop of jiberish have you try the same thing over and over to no avail the problem i have with them is they tell you you can dial any number you can with a landline this is totally false i can call some numbers with the device but alot of numbers i cant i can call some 606 area codes but most of them i cant this has to do with the phone service probider they go through it does work with alot of numbers but i bought it to talk to my wifes familly live only hour away but is long distance on land line i cant dial thier number and several other 606 area codes even my home number i cant dial but the funny thing is when i first got the magik jack i could call these numbers for the first 2 days then i could not but i can still call some 606 area code numbers and other numbers i contacted thier tech support which is a joke and eventually reported them to the better business burea which i would suggest everybody doin this the old sayin the squeaky wheel gets oiled they may try to fix the issues when they start loosing money and now they finally did send me a message after 2 months that they would refund my money hmmmmm maybe they didnt like the bbb review which i told them in advance i would do if i didnt get a refund maybe they thought i would just forget about it because it was only 20 dollars but i dont care what amout it is i dont like being lied to or screwed whether its 1 dollar or 500 they lie about thier products service and thier customer support sucks

  61. I've had a magic jack for 2yrs... except for a slow running computer and poor internet service I have'nt experenced any problems with this service..

  62. It doesn't take a genius to figure out all of these scam complaints are the product of the big phone companies scared of losing their monopoly. I am about as good on a computer as a bump on a log, if I could install it and use it problem free for the past year...anyone can.

  63. Hi!, I have MJ for almost a year now. For 20$ a yr usage it's cheap. My 5 mins. limits comes and go. I do not know what is going on, one day it is OK and the day after if F.Up. I tried their service and they tried to help me with limited result.

    There is also some number I can't reach, like Bell canada customer service through MJ and some others in Mtl, Canada.

    It's still and inconvenience but still a good deal. There are several solution on the market using the IP technology. I am looking forward to see the end of this 5 mins. saga. I also notice after some system update my system doesn't reach like the daqy before. We can through rocks but do we have the complete picture?

  64. Don't be haters. Magic Jack works great... or as well as the machine that it runs on. Machines that get a alot of traffic, have a lot of users with fast-switching enabled or have a lot of process running at start up will result in a choppy phone service. I fought these problems for a while until I got the bright idea to create a dedicated magic jack server. I grabbed an old pentium 4 compaq that had been sitting in my garage, reformatted it and tucked it away in my computer desk, connected to a kvm. No anti-virus, auto updates nothing set to load on start up.... except magic jack. Know magic jack runs like a champ. I leave it on for weeks at a time with not loss to phone quality. Granted I am a IT guys so this solution may not be feasible to every one. But the point is when using magic jack your phone quality will reflect the speed and quality of your computer.

  65. I've been using MagicJack for a couple of years. During that time, I've had to go through three adapters. They are not robust, and break down very easily. They just don't last. And now, I need a fourth one (this one just went belly up).
    I had signed up and prepaid for 5 years. The first two replacements cost me $10.00 each. They refused to replace this last adapter that just broke. My five year service term ends is [b]2014[/b]. They are trying to force me to buy another for the full price. Out of principle, I won't do that. So they are robbing me of my remaining service-time money. They refuse to give me a rebate for the remaining time that I have left 'till 2014, and won't send me a replacement for $10.00, like they did before. They have no respect for their customers, and they sell an anemic product.

    [b]Word of warning![/b] DO NOT SUBSCRIBE WITH MJ FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. THEY WILL ROB YOU WHEN YOUR ADAPTER BREAKS, AND KEEP YOUR MONEY, NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU STILL HAVE LEFT IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TIME. If you want to use their product, stick with the $20.00 yearly plan. If you adapter should break (you better hope it's within the guarantee period), you will not be out of a lot of money by prepaying ahead of time for a long subscription period. If you've already paid for an extended service time, good luck to you! I hope your adapter doesn't break down. Otherwise, you'll end up becoming a victim like me.


    I'm now using an OOMA adapter. Hope this one lasts. It is expensive, but has good advantages. It hooks up directly to the router. It is [i]not[/i] necessary to keep a PC running all the time to get telephone calls. And also, the long distance calls are free. There is no yearly subscription (unless you take the Premier plan). The unit is mine forever, and all I have to pay are the Federal usage taxes. It is similar to a router-connected Skype adapters (Skype now charges by-the-minute to make calls).

    Would you be able to provide me with Daniel Borislow's email address or his telephone number? I'd like my money rebate for the remaining subscription that's left, or a replacement adapter. We need the money. We now both survive on my one Social Security Check. And that money doesn't go very far. I'm a senior citizen, and have been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous MagicJack businessman.

  66. June 10,2011,

    yesterday, I was unable to connect to my MAGIC J.
    I phoned at 18:22 EST and got bounced around to about 5 techies without success. At one point (20:30) they offerred for a senior techie to take over my computer to find out what is the problem, which I accepted, regretably, 2 hours later nothing was happening and I was deprived from my computer. I had to rephone and insist on chatting with the techie (female) after many attempts. she said "we got disconnected" I said why didnt u fone me. or send an email? She said we do not phone or send emails, " company policy " . Finally after 4 hours I was able to get control over my pc. VERY VERY BAD I DO SAY" I TOLD THEM TO REFER MY COMPLAINT TO THEIR CEO AND I WANTED AN APOLOGY. REMAINS TO BE SEEN IF I WILL RECEIVE ONE.
    This is a typical case study on how not to succeed in business.

    A very disillusioned client

  67. I've been using magic jack for a year already...I don't have any complains or concerns because mine is working properly...I also got another 1 year just recently...I know sometimes the reception is not good,but we all know that it is because of our internet connection...It also does not slow down my computer..I think it just depends on how virus free or how fast the computer your computer is,mine only has 2MB memory and works fine...Overall I'm giving magic jack a five star review=) Imagine the amount of money I have saved just by using this!Before,I can only talk with my family in the states for like a few minutes..But now I can afford to talk to them for hours!Thanks magic jack!!

  68. I have been using magic jack for 2 years, and yes I have heard all the complaints.
    I always say speak by your own experience, and mine is 99% good. I have 2 devices and use them regularly from the US and other countries such as UK, Cyprus, Singapore, China, and Qatar. I have had only a few bad calls, when this happens I simply hang up and redial, which usually works. I use MJ both as a stand alone and in inconjunction with other packages for fax and phone, and make calls to about 35 countries, works for me...........


  69. I have had MJ since 2008. The first got stole and the company replaced it free. The second my daughter tripped over the cord and broke the MJ and they replaced it again free. The third one is working very well. It even works well on vacations at the hotel. I would never go back to at&t. I sent my family members one and they all feel the same as i do. MJ is not a scam it actually works. I have tried phones that comes with the cable company, but why should I pay that much for the same service. What most people pay per month MJ customers pay once a year. However you must be smart and keep your computer cleared out and updated with a fast internet. As for the person during the math even with $19.00 plus the $116.00 (you came up with). It is still lower than what you will pay a major phone company per year and you must pay your light bill anyway whenever you use your computer. People if your not using your computer and you have a cell or another phone why keep on your computer. The Mj will take messages for you and send them to your email. I have not tried the call forwarding but I read they have it too. Please stop complaints if you don't like it than it's just not for you. We are all different and not everything is for everyone.

    Just be happy that in our world today we have so many choices. Chose whats right for you and enjoy life

  70. I have purchased a magikjack and a was overcharged for it. Can't reach anyone to clear out the error, I had to ask my credit card company to refuse the charges. I had returned the device without even opening it. I will not deal with a company that hides fees from you, and that are unreachable. It might not be a scam, but it sure looks like a RONCO type of lousy cheap company!

  71. Lots of skype salesmen on here don't believe the skype hype.Have used it (skype) complete waste of money,who needs video evry time your on the phone.geez.
    Magic Jack user 3yrs now on its own PC so their is no stutter ,now the new one out plugs into wall then phone then router and you can port your number, a bit more pricey but I can't wait to pickone up ,I have talked to customer service and they always have my answer ,most people here are not telling the whole story or truth period.I deal with customers day in day out a lot want to cause issues just because I say buy one don't try to surf and talk you will get garble and for all those that hate it go back to your landlines the rest of us will stay with MJ

  72. T whoever M is on here take it back to Best Buy DUH?
    The store should honor a legit return
    You like saying a bought a TV at Best Buy and Sharpwon't honor it
    Thats right you have to go through the dealer for a warranty to be void
    I wonder sometimes how some people can tie heir shoes

  73. had it for over a year, work very well, just need fast internet and separate computr (don't mix with skype!)

  74. Again, I try to post this: The one (apparently fraudulently a scam) is the "availability of Canadian Phone Numbers" > I reactivated a previously used and found again Magic Jack but the CANADIAN PHONE PREFIX was "not available". So I bought another from Future Shop in Canada and had the same response. Returned it to the store. We agreed that the Magic Jack was not a faulty unit. However they(MJ) indicate they access and definitely promote a LIST OF AVAILABLE CANADIAN PHONE AREA CODES including one I could use. All I can suggest is do NOT get any extended plan unless you feel certain of a reasonably nearby Area Code which would be satisfactory. For a year no family or friends phoned me because available Area Codes were U.S.And long distance for any to phone back. Be Careful....this company is not particularly

  75. Don't buy magic jack, especially if you own a small business they will cancel your service for using it much. terrible customer service

  76. well the onething bad about magicjack is it goes to voicemail after 4 rings and there is no way to change that.

  77. I have to say I love the Magic Jack!! It has saved me a ton of money. I can say I experience the odd dropped call or choppy call just like on a cell phone. Most of the time it works great though. I have now ordered the new magic Jack that does not require your computer to be on as it connects directly to your router. As for Canadian phone numbers I was not able to get a number from my town but I was able to get a number in my area code wich I am happy with. I have have had MJ now for over a year and would recommend it to anyone. I keep my cell phone in case my internet is down for emergencies.

  78. This summer 6/26/11 i will have had MJ for five years. It is tha best value for the money for anything i have ever bought in my 68 years.
    Anybody that says anything bad about it is wrong or with 8 million sold could have a bad one. You need high speed internet and i think some people do not know what that is.
    I just went for the next five years at 14 dollars a YEAR. You see that in tax alone on a normal phone bill each month. So i now need do nothing until 6/26/2017.

  79. "never pay a monthly phone bill again" is not that misleading? the consumer equates the device to a phone service.

    besides when i bought mine years ago they had a offer for unlimited use forever, never pay a renewal few again,does anyone know how to get a pic of the original packaging and offers?

  80. They said the MagicJack Plus would cost $69.95 for the first year but before the 30-day free trial even ended they posted to my credit card $81.64. I had already returned the MagicJack device before the 30 days ended. Now, as many others have experienced before me, I must now deal with a company that hides itself where no one can easily reach a person to discuss issues.

    TO THOSE CONSIDERING A MAGICJACK PLUS, CONSIDER THIS: Only pursue doing business with MagicJack if you need more frustration in your life, more hassle, more disappointment, more loss of your hard-earned money, less time to do really meaningful things, and more time ridding your life of MagicJack.

    CONSIDER THIS, TOO: In this thread for every 20 people who had something negative to say about MagicJack, only one praised it. I suspect the praise itself has been posted by someone from inside the MagicJack company.